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Simple, Intuitive API parameters

CloudImg.co transforms, optimizes and caches your
images for fast websites and apps response, using
simple and intuitive URL parameters.

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Our Amazing Services

We focus on delivering the most useful and required features. Generate thumbnails, cropped and framed images, watermarks and much more in real-time.
No more time wasted on preparing images for your websites and mobile apps.


Resize (Width & Height)

Resizes the current image to the given dimensions.


Format & Quality

Sets the output format of the image and alters its quality.



Crops the current image to the given location and size.


Background Color

Changes the background color of the current image.


Rounded Corners

Adds rounded corners and vignette effect to the image.



Applies many filters to the current image.


Text Watermark

Adds a text based watermark to the current image.


Image Overlay

Adds a image overlay to the current image.


Flip & Rotate

Flips (horizontally or vertically) and/or Rotates by a given angle.

What we do

Whether you serve hundreds or millions of images, no need to struggle anymore. We have experienced engineers at designing scalable services.

How it works

CloudImg.co will solve your challenges with image resizing, transformation and acceleration in the Cloud.

We Processed 2,223 Millions Images/Requests


You can estimate the best plan for your websites or apps. If you are unsure of your needs, don't worry, you can use CloudImg.co for 30 days and that will give you a good understanding about your need.


$ 24.95 p/month

  • 150 GB Traffic/Month
  • 5 Millions Requests/Month
  • 100 Sources
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Email & Chat Support
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$ 49.95 p/month

  • 400 GB Traffic/Month
  • Unlimited Requests/Month
  • 100 Sources
  • 99.9% Uptime
  • Email & Chat Support
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